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About Us

5050dating.com was created in 2015 and is privately owned and situated in Auckland, New Zealand. We're not your typical dating site. We're for gender equality - which is probably going to disappoint a lot of people but then again, we're also taking the chance that it may just make a lot of people much happier and more comfortable with online dating. How are we doing this? First of all we're making it easier for anyone to meet anyone without the price tag by encouraging everyone to follow the 'you pay for yours and I'll pay for mine' principle when meeting someone for the first time. When each person pays for their own (coffee) it means that no one has to feel obliged in any way to the other party and it means you can meet a lot of people without feeling any pressure. Oh and the other thing...we don't do fake profiles.  The only way you will come across a fake profile is by someone uploading one and we try our very best to weed out the bad influencers. 

About Dating

Why 5050?

Why 5050? Going 50/50 or Going Dutch in a 'no strings attached' - 'you pay for yours and I'll pay for mine' coffee is the guiding principle behind the 5050dating logo. We believe that when you go 50/50 and each person pays for their own coffee, that this places both parties on an equal footing. It means that no party need feel obligated in any way to the other, so you can meet to see if there's any chemistry, make a date in the future or go your separate ways without feeling that you need to take things any further unless you wish to. By creating a 'level playing field' for all individuals to meet in this manner, we believe that we are enabling gender equality. The word 'gender' as used here, refers to all genders including men, women and non-binary people.

  • Please bear in mind that going 50/50 in a 'no strings attached coffee' is only our recommendation. You can message and arrange to meet with someone in any manner you like. However we do not take any responsibility for the conduct or behaviour of anyone registered on the 5050dating website at a first meeting and also recommend that you do not drink alcohol during that first initial meeting. For safety reasons, we also advise that a second meeting (or first date) should be arranged via the 5050dating website, this eliminates the need to give out personal details. 

Why Intro?

In the real world (as opposed to the online world) we believe that the best way to meet someone is by being introduced by a friend or third party. As this is not possible here online, we believe that introducing yourself using 5050dating's Intro is the next best option. By introducing yourself you are breaking the ice in a socially acceptable manner.

Why 5050 Verification? 

The 5050 Verified Badge displayed on your profile photo lets others know that you acknowledge 5050dating's safety guidelines and that your identity is 'Verified' by the presence of your vlog.

* Your 5050 V badge will appear on your profile photo only when you have a vlog present.

Why Vlog?

After you've been meeting people for a while, you're going to get 'daters fatigue' or become just plain sick of meeting new people. The concept behind vlog is not only to do with safety (a vlog can go a long way to verifying someones identity) but also it can help you to decide whether you'd actually like to meet the person in question. 

Invite for 5050 Coffee

All Daters who successfully register are able to invite whomever they are in communications with to their local cafe for 5050 Coffee

Sometimes you may feel that for you, there's just no spark or attraction or you're just not interested. Don't worry, it's perfectly ok to feel that way and if this is the case, you may want to hit the Pause button. The Pause icon is located on every profile and simply sends a message to the recipient that you'd like some space or to give pause


We are nuts about privacy. We are not a corporation or aligned with any other business or dating site here or overseas. Our website is not based on a template. 5050dating was designed and built from the ground up. We do not use social sign-ins/login like Facebook, Linked-In, Google + or Twitter because we regard social sign-ins as a threat to privacy. We do not share information or sell information to third parties. We do not use Cookies to store personal information. We do not sell, collect or share information or data for the purposes of targeted advertising. Our registration process is simple and it's our own. The information you provide when you register is used only for the sole purpose of providing a better dating service. We like the idea of you being in control of your own information, not us.

  • Please be aware. As a safeguard never upload any photos, vlog, personal information or conduct yourself in a manner that you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with the rest of the world. This is the internet and we can't  guarantee that any of your personal info is ever completely safe.


You don't have to register to 'See Who's Here' from your area. You can Search right on the Homepage. If you do decide to register, once you've registered successfully you will be rewarded with Seven Days Free Dating. Then if you like us, you can remain on the website for free by switching the auto-renew off or deactivate your account or cancel at any time.

Once upon a time, there was such a thing as the Personal Column. Or The Personals. Or Lonely Hearts. Now there's online dating. Only back in the day, no one ever saw what you looked like until you actually met. Oh yes - the big reveal! And messaging was reliant on the post - now called 'snail mail.' The internet has simply made dating faster and easier. Although we understand that uploading a profile photo and having your face 'out there' can make you feel, well, 'exposed' and uploading a vlog? Ditto. In order for online dating to work successfully (unless you want to go back to snail mail) it's important you complete your profile and upload a vlog. Yes, time has moved right along - and with it - better ways of meeting people. 

About Cafe Friends

If you'd like your cafe to be a place for Daters to meet then you can Become a Cafe Friend of 5050dating by registering your cafe. It's completely free and gives your cafe a stand-out listing on our website. All registered Daters can then choose your cafe to invite someone special for 5050 Coffee and you'll be able to edit your listing at any time including update your cafe photo, update your Deal of the Day or giveaway Date Cookies.

Deal of the Day 

Deal of the Day is any giveaway or promotion that your cafe happens to be offering. For instance, you may like to give away a free muffin with every coffee or offer a bottomless cup of coffee with every meal. You'll be able to set the time, date and duration of your promotion or instead you may like to just add a description of your cafe.

Date Cookies

Once you've registered your cafe, you'll be able to print out and giveaway Date Cookies. Every Date Cookie offers 7 Days Free Dating at 5050dating.com and the opportunity for Daters to then choose your cafe to meet up at. Date Cookies return customers to your cafe when you give them away.