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To Register Or Not To Register? 


To register or not to register that is the question. If you’d just like to 'See Who’s Here' you can, by entering some of your details and what you’re looking for right on the Homepage. When you hit Search Singles some of the singles from your area will appear on the Homepage. You can then decide whether you're ready to give 5050dating a go.



There are many social cues that we take into account when deciding whether we like someone or not. Things like voice, body language or even the way someone carries themselves can indicate 'yes' or 'no'. That's  why judging someone just on their profile photo can be pretty superficial. You really do have to get out and meet them.

Getting Started


So you’ve registered successfully, uploaded a profile photo and or a vlog or both and now you're ready to start dating. So send a smile, introduce yourself, start chatting then send an invite for 5050 Coffee. 

First Dates


Wouldn’t it be great to actually look forward to going on a first date? We say: Meet for 5050 Coffee first. Then once you've done the hard part you'll be ready for your first date.

Catfishing Part 1


There is always the possiblility that whoever you're in communications with may not be the person they claim to be. That's why a vlog is so important. If you're in some doubt that someone is not who they claim to be, request that they upload a vlog. You can then compare their vlog with their profile photo.

Catfishing Part 2


If someone keeps putting off meeting you, be cautious. They may not be who they claim to be.

Rejection Part 1


Rejection is probably one of the most difficult feelings we have to deal with when we're dating. But it's happened to us all. Don't despair - tell yourself that these feelings will pass because they will. You will get over it. Here are some tips to help you 'move on.'

1.  Give yourself some time to process the rejection. It's normal to be upset initially.

2.  Do not take it personally. The reason for the rejection may not even have anything to do with you.

3.  See rejection in a positive light as a way of adjusting your strategy moving forward.

4.  And remember - it's all a numbers game. Not every one will say: 'Yes' but not every one will say: 'No' either.

5. Now stop feeling sorry for yourself and send out some coffee invites!

Rejection Part 2


Too soft to say: 'No thanks.' Then use 5050's Disconnector it's a good way to let people know you're not interested.



Scammers are people who are pretty much after only one thing - your money! Even if you're absolutely sure that the person you're communicating with online is the person they claim to be, never release any of your personal details or send money - ever. No matter how much you love them.

Safety Part 1


Unsure whether to give out any personal information after meeting someone for the first time? Then don't. Message each other on 5050 to arrange a first date. That way, you'll have a better idea (after a first date) of how you feel about someone before giving out any personal info.

Safety Part 2


Long drawn out liaisons can be frustrating. Ask yourself: What is the point in communicating with someone if you know you'll never travel to their country to meet them? Don't make promises that you cannot keep. Contact people with the intention of meeting them.