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The best place to meet someone is at your local cafe, but the best place to find someone to meet is 5050dating.

Welcome to Cafe Friends where you can Become a Cafe Friend of 5050dating by listing your cafe.

Why list your cafe?
Because daters can then choose your cafe to meet up at for 5050 Coffee.

So what's 5050 Coffee?
5050 Coffee is about going 5050 (fifty-fifty) in a no strings attached, you pay for yours and I'll pay for mine coffee.

We're combining coffee and dating to make meeting someone easy, safe and fun!
So how are we doing that? We've created something called a Date Cookie to make it easy for cafe owners and operators to let their customers know about 5050dating. At 5050dating everyone who successfully registers gets 7 Days FREE Dating  and can then invite someone special to their favourite cafe.


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